Our Studio

Blurabit Media is a creative innovation and design firm hell bent on discovering new ways to build brand and consumer connections. We are a passionate group of marketing strategists, creatives, and technologists, all makers and doers ready to design the future of brand experiences. That is why we always say we are awesome together, full stop.

Our Values

We’re bound by certain innate values that unite us and set us apart from those cold, corporate machines out there. These standards we share determine the purpose in what we do, and make this great game of innovation and design more a journey than a job. Each and every day, we turn to them in order to find our course and inspiration, and continue moving forward together. These are our values.

Graphic & Digital Design

In a world of increasingly shrinking budgets, paid media is only part of the puzzle. The full picture must be looked at for maximum return of investment. Earned and owned media are an art we understand and specialise. This is the stepping stone of any successful business.

Web & App Development

At our core, we’re an innovation strategy agency born out of technology. We are built on a culture of “what’s next” geekdom. A curiosity that inspires us to continually fiddle, experiment, fail, try, succeed, rinse, and repeat.

Branding & Identity

The importance of effective brand development cannot be understated. We approach branding exercises with deep discovery, research, and immersion. We set out to fully understand the underpinnings of a brand, their audience, mission, and story.

Humanising the Cloud

We are certified by several of the leaders in cloud services and application. Deploying top edge technologies in a simplified way to our customers is our motto. Google, Shopify, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, you name it and we are here to help out.

Social Media & Marketing

We are living in an age of unprecedented access to information, we combine our ability to forecast trends alongside research and data points. We distill and disseminate to uncover insights that create more effective experiences that will help understand your business.

Award Winning Quality

Our team has been nominated and won some really cool awards in the past like the “ACL Technology Impact Awards (Canada)” and the “Excellence in Technological Solutions Award (FINEP – Brazil)”, and we are really proud of it (we should!).