Welcome to 10B...


10B, a group of talented DJs from south London needed to come up with a brand to take over the famous Union Club gigs, as their parties started to get bigger and better.

They needed to translate pass on a relaxed vibe they always promoted on their first gigs, so it was named 10B (because of where they lived – unit 10B). Their regular afterhours party was named “It’s A House (and techno) Party, YO!” where they transformed the dancefloor in a big cozy living room.

As one of their founders said: “we raided the local pound shop to buy cheap household items to dress up the venue as somebody’s kitschy home, even forced our DJs to play in a pyjamas sometimes or dressed everyone in an apron. We wanted everyone to feel at home.”

Since then, the Unit 10B vibe is something they bring to every one of their events, because they love seeing people unwind and get silly. Welcome to 10B… make yourself at home.

Blurabit was chosen to rebuild their brand and produce all the brand’s visual identity and communication.


Main brand

Sub brands
Desire London Magic Mondays!
It’s A House (and techno) Party, YO!
I <3 SHART <3


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Photography / Video production
  • Website / Social Media