Drink of
the Night

Identity & Design

The brief was to come up with ideas that would make the target audience, 18-24 year old men, want to order the biggest rum brand in the world. The result was a limited edition bottle distributed in the UK only altogether with a marketing campaign aimed at the target audience.

Our inspiration came from the Bacardi logo itself using the vampire flicks and big screen movies hype to engage on social attachment.

There are two main reasons why Facundo Bacardi Masso (founder), chose the little bat as his logo, the famous free-tailed bat as to be the original Bacardi icon. The first is because bats plays an important role in the production of Bacardi Rum being great pollinators of the sugar cane plants and very efficient insect eaters (insects that destroy the sugar cane plantations which are vital for Bacardi’s rum business). The second reason is related to when he had too many fruit bats living in the rafters of his building.