Pret a Manger UK

Joy of Pret

Identity & Design

Today, Pret is one of London’s most visible businesses, almost as entrenched in the cityscape as a red letterbox or the lollipop tube sign. The firm, founded by the entrepreneurial friends Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham in 1986, rode out a harrowing first year – when it chalked up losses of £80,000 – and recovered to establish itself as a suave new presence on the high street of Thatcher’s London.

Pret now operates more than 360 outlets, in locations far beyond its London heartlands. Their new “in-store” visual identity and communication design has been accessed by Blurabit media. Core values like “Freshly Prepared”, “Good”, “Natural Foods” have been merged with cleanliness, mind fullness and respect with the customer are the anchor points to this case study. Streamlines and accessibility is answer.